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Served until 12pm daily (Sunday's till 2p.m)

Old Fashion Pancakes served with maple syrup 15,000

Classic Waffle topped with fresh strawberries 16,000

French Toast original 13,000 | strawberries & banana 16,000 | nutella 15,000

Nutella Sandwich with a side of strawberries & bananas 10,000

Kiddy Breakfast one fried egg, sausage & toast 10,000

PB & J peanut butter & jelly 10,000


For the kids

Extras: Sausages 6,000 | Baked Beans 1,000 | Avocado 2,000 | Toast 1,000 | CPC Potatoes 5,000 | Beef Bacon 6,000 | Egg 2,000


Masala Chickpea Toast (V) avocado, scrambled eggs & spiced chickpeas 15,000

Avocado Toast (V) smashed avocado with two poached

eggs on a bed of lettuce 12,000

Caramelised Banana Toast (V) peanut butter topped with  caramelised bananas 13,000

Jalapeño Toast (V) avocado topped with scrambled egg & jalapeños drizzled with siracha mayo 15,000 

Add Cheddar Cheese 2,000

Crispy Chicken Burrito (V) crispy chicken bites, potatoes, eggs & avocado 18,000

Vegan Avocado Toast (V) avocado and mushrooms on a bed of lettuce 14,000

Breakfast Wrap served with CPC potatoes: 

Scrambled eggs, feta & spinach (V) 16,000

Scrambled eggs & cheese (V) 14,000

Scrambled eggs, cheese & sausage 16,000

The Lazy Waffle two eggs any style poached/fried/scrambled. Add any two: beef bacon or sausage/avocado/baked beans/CPC potatoes 22,000

Breakfast Burger fried egg, beef patty, beef bacon and cheese served with CPC potatoes 20,000

Steak & Eggs grilled fillet with two eggs and CPC potatoes 20,000

Loaded Breakfast Potatoes topped with cheddar cheese, beef bacon and eggs,  drizzled with siracha 18,000

Western Omelette (V) omelette stuffed with roasted peppers, onions and cheese, served with a side of avocado 18,000 

Cheese Omelette (V) served with toast and CPC potatoes 17,000

Sausage Cheese Omelette cheddar cheese, onions and bell peppers served with CPC potatoes 18,000

Breakfast Flatbread (V) baked with onions, peppers, mozzarella, two eggs and finished with parmesan 20,000

The Big CPC  two pancakes, two waffles, two eggs (poached/fried/scrambled), beef bacon or beef sausage, cpc potatoes, mushrooms and baked beans  32,000

Central Special (V) two eggs any style (fried/poached,/scrambled) with a slice of toast, CPC potatoes and baked beans 18,000

Loaded Pancakes two American style pancakes topped with scrambled eggs & cheese  18,000

Add Bacon 6,000 / Add Sausage 6,000

Fruit Salad seasonal fresh fruits 12,000

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